• Shifa can be used in ;

    • All moderate to severe bleeding wounds
    • Arterial and venous bleeding
    • Surface and deep wounds
    • Head neck and face wounds

  • Shifa Fresh Feet

    • End to foot odor
    • All day coolness
    • Accelerates the blood circulation
    • Foot pain
    • Anti-bacterial

  • Easy to use,

    • Open the package..
    • Make a press to the wound with a bandage..
    • Wait until the wound gets stop bleeding..
    • Pour the enough amount of Shifa according to
      need of wound.

  • Treats penetrating wounds fast..

    Excellent performance..
    High speed application system..

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How It Works?

Granules are quick to apply, just pour the granules into the injury, before applying the pressure and stopping the bleeding.
Shifa quickly forms a plug – in practice usually stopping bleeding within seconds..
For major arterial hemorrhage, maintain pressure for a few minutes to ensure hemorrhage is controlled. 
Independent of the classic coagulation cascade system, shows homostatic effect in a protein network environment through vital physiological erythrocyte aggregation. This process takes place in a matter of split seconds in vitro and seconds in vivo environments.


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