• Shifa can be used in ;

    • All moderate to severe bleeding wounds
    • Arterial and venous bleeding
    • Surface and deep wounds
    • Head neck and face wounds

  • Shifa Fresh Feet

    • End to foot odor
    • All day coolness
    • Accelerates the blood circulation
    • Foot pain
    • Anti-bacterial

  • Easy to use,

    • Open the package..
    • Make a press to the wound with a bandage..
    • Wait until the wound gets stop bleeding..
    • Pour the enough amount of Shifa according to
      need of wound.

  • Treats penetrating wounds fast..

    Excellent performance..
    High speed application system..

SHIFA Fresh Feet


Secret of our health is blood circulation. If how smooth is the blood circulation in the body, health and wellness are so smooth also. Under our feet, nerve endings of our organs in the body are available. (The reflex ends of all of our organs and glands, especially our hearths, our livers, our lungs, our kidneys are available under our feet). If nerves of organs how well make the blood circulation, the organs fulfill their fuctions so well also. Thus, you are able to stay away from diseases; because the most important reason of diseases is organs and glands which cannot fulfill their tasks.

EFFECTIVE AREAS OF FRESH FEET:Because plant extracts within FRESH FEET is capable of vasodilating;
• All types of headaches (sinusitis, migraine, etc.)
• All types of rheumatic and joint pains
• Low back pain (hernia and calcifications for not required surgery)
• Sciatica pain
• High and low pressure
• Asthma and other breathing constrictions (bronchitis etc.)
• Diabetes
• Stress, insomnia, constant fatigue
• Constipation, indigestion and gastrointestinal problems
• All diseases based on blood circulation
• In general, FRESH FEET helps in the treatment of all diseases except infected and non-microbial.
• Gives a feeling of coolness by reacting at 35-40c by evaporation comprising with sweating of foot.

Talk, aroma of roses, emulsifier (CMC)

Time of use is between 3-5 weeks depending on intensity of use.
CAUTION: Do not use with barefoot.
Less coolness for persons who reduced amount of sweating, may cause burning sensetion also.


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